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Everything You Need to Know about Amelia Island Vacations


Are you planning a trip to Florida? If so then you might want to consider a trip to Amelia Island in Nassau Country. While there you have many options in terms of accommodations like beachside motels amelia and beachside hotels amelia.


What is Amelia Island?

If you decide to visit the islands you’ll have many options including Seaside Amelia Inn-Amelia Island. That said, before you start planning your trip it’s important to learn the basics about the region first. Amelia Island is part of the Sea Islands that are a group of barrier islands that extend from South Carolina to Florida. The island is 13 miles (21 km) long and at eh widest point is about 4 miles (6.5 km) wide. The island includes the communities of Amelia City and Fernandina Beach.


Amelia Island is named after Princess Amelia who was the daughter of Great Britain’s George II. The king of Great Britain and Ireland from 1727 to 1760. The island also was ruled by several different colonial powers represented by nearly 10 countries. &Nbsp;These are all interesting facts if you’re interested in in visiting the island and stay in one of the various accommodations like hotels and motels.


Most recently Spain handed East Florida and the rest of West Florida to the United States in February 1821. This followed the signing of the Adams-Onis Treaty in 1819. During the American Civil War Union forces raised the US flag on the island in March 1862 after the two sides battled for the Florida region during the conflict.


Amelia Island Vacations

There are various reasons you should consider vacationing on Amelia Island. When staying on the island there are several options for accommodations including Beachside Motel-Amelia Island/. Picking the right hotel, motel, or resort can help to improve your overall experience while staying on the island so it’s important to select the best place to stay while on the island.


While staying on amelia islands there are many different activities and events you can enjoy, which will help to make your stay even better. Here are some to keep in mind:


  1. Amelia Island Jazz Festival

If you’re planning to be on Amelia Island during October 2017 then you can enjoy this annual festival. Some of the events you can enjoy during the festival including:


-Jazz concerts

-Jazz dance

-Jazz brunch

-Wine tasting


The jazz festival is attended by thousands of people each age from different backgrounds and ages. It’s an excellent way for people to enjoy and learn about jazz. One of the main features of the festival is it includes various styles of jazz like bebop, swing, Latin, big band, and contemporary. The festival is held every year in October and includes live performances by Jazz legends and new artists.


The jazz performances take places all over Amelia Island, which gives you a chance to visit the different regions of the island while enjoying lots of jazz. They include hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, and others. It’s definitely one of the most exciting ways to see the different areas of Amelia Island.


This Jazz Festival was founded in 2001 so it’s existed for less than two decades. However, the jazz festival has become very popular and might even become a world-famous musical event within time. One of the main reasons is the jazz gurus who have helped to make the event even better.


  1. Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance

This is an auto charitable event that takes place during mid-March on Amelia Island. The event is held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel and has been praised as one of the best ones of its type. The name of the event literally means “competition of elegance” in French. It features several rare/elegant vehicles.


How does the event work? Each vehicle is rated for function, authenticity, history, restoration, and style. That’s done by a group of judges including specialists of each car type. A vehicle can receive a perfect score of 100 but there’s a partial point reduction for imperfections.


This event has been taking place for over two decades starting in 1996. It started when a car collector and businessman was encouraged by other auto enthusiasts in North-East Florida to launch a classic car show like the one that takes place in California. The first event took place in April 1996 and included over 160 cars. About 2,200 people showed up for the event.


  1. Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival

This is a yearly festival that takes place in Fernandina Beach. The festival was first held in 1964 and known as the Shrimp Boat Festival. The festival usually takes place during the first weekend in May. The festival includes activities/events like the cooking/selling of shrimp and other seafood; display of crafts, arts, antiques, and collectables; parade, and fireworks display. The 50th anniversary of the event took place in 2013 and was known as the “Year of the Golden Shrimp.”


  1. Amelia Island Film Festival

This film festival has become known as the rendezvous Film Festival and will take place from September 21 to 23 in 2017. The festival started a decade ago in September 2007 when it was known as the Amelia Island Film Festival. The festival’s first screening was held in Florida’s oldest saloon known as The Palace. Since that time there have been many changes to the festival but it’s kept its focus on promoting international indie filmmakers.


The festival officially became the Rendezvous Film Festival (RFF) in May 2014. It’s in fact the only fil/movie festival in North Florida. The goal of the event is to bring artists and the local community together for the yearly celebration. It’s definitely one of the biggest events in the region and is one you should consider if you’re in Northern Florida in October this year.


  1. Golf Courses

If you’re a golf fan then you should definitely consider visiting Amelia Island during your next vacation. There are several golf courses to choose from. This helps you to pick from a wide range of different courses and make your stay even better. Make sure to research the different golf courses to figure out which ones are the most practical for your trip to Amelia Island.


Golfing is one of the best activities to consider when visiting Florida. That’s greatly due to the year-long pleasant weather you can enjoy in the state, which isn’t available in other US states. Even if you’re not a big golf fan it’s certainly worth considering playing a round or two while on Amelia Island due to the various options.


  1. Sandy beaches

Your stay on Amelia Island won’t be complete without enjoying the lovely beaches of the region. There are several options including beaches with lots of facilities and activities, as well as more secluded ones that can help you to get away from it all. The various amenities you can find at the different beaches include:


  • Outdoor showers
  • Barbecues
  • Volleyball courts
  • Kids’ playground
  • Picnic tables


This is in addition to the beaches themselves, which can provide you with the ability to enjoy various activities like swimming, surfing, fishing, beachcombing, and others. You won’t have any difficulty finding fun activities to do while you’re at the Amelia Island beaches.


Amelia Hotels

If you want a more luxurious stay while on Amelia Island you should consider the option of Amelia hotels. There are so many choices in terms of accommodations while staying on the island including Villas Of Amelia Island Plantation. There are many different hotels to pick from while you’re in the region. For example, you can enjoy a basic hotel with average perks, or a luxury hotel with all the bells and whistles you can imagine in terms of amenities. Here are some of the most important factors to consider before picking a hotel:


  1. Rating

You can find a wide range of hotels on Amelia Island ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Make sure to consider your budget before you start shopping around. That will help you to pick a hotel that’s within your price range. The price of staying a 5-star hotel will be significantly higher so it’s important to set your budget before finding a hotel.


  1. Amenities

There’s a wide variety of amenities available at Amelia Island hotels including restaurant, spa, gym, Wi-Fi, cable/DVD, etc. Which ones are the most important ones? It really depends on the amenities you want to have at the hotel. Keep in mind that this factor is related to the price tag so if you want all the bells and whistles you should expect to pay more for them. The amenities can make your stay better but you should certainly determine how much you’re willing to pay for them.


  1. Location

When picking the hotel on Amelia Island to stay at there are many options. This can have a big effect on various issues like the cost, convenience, and other issues. Make sure to consider the different options like Amelia City and Fernandina Beach. A key issue to take up is how close you’ll be to the beach. For example, if you want to stay at a beachfront hotel you should certainly to pay more than at a hotel in a downtown area. There’s no right or wrong option so make sure to consider the different options you have in order to make the best choice.



Beachside Motels Amelia

When staying on Amelia Island there are several motels to pick from like The Surf Beach Motel. Should you pick a beach-side motel? There are several benefits this option provides you. The most obvious benefit of a beachside motel is you’ll be super close to the beach and have the ability to get to the ocean and sand in a jiffy. This is definitely a plus if you’re a fan of surfing, swimming, and other beach activities.


It’s important to note that the convenience of staying a beach-side motel comes with a cost. Is it worthwhile? It really depends on how much convenience you want when getting to the beach or if it’s even an issue for you. That said, it can be a great feature if you want to be close to all the many beach activities you can experience by being closer to the region.


As when picking other motels one of the top benefits of this type of accommodation is you can save a lot of money compared to hotels. So if you’re on a shoestring budget or just want to reduce the costs of your Amelia Island vacation then this is a type of accommodation you should certainly consider. Just make sure to consider issues like location, amenities, prices, etc.


It’s recommended to read some reviews before you decide on a particular motel. It will help to make sure you’re making a good choice in terms of your motel. If a particular motel has received several good reviews then there’s an excellent chance you’ll have a similar experience.


Beachside Hotels Amelia

If you want an accommodation that’s more luxurious than a motel then you’ll have several options like Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort. Why should you consider a beachside hotel? There are several reasons starting with the key benefit you’ll be near the ocean. This will make it a lot more convenient when getting to the water and sand. The sooner you’ll be able to get there the sooner you can start enjoying the fantastic beaches of Amelia Island.


The costs will generally be higher due to the beach-side location. Is it worthwhile? It really depends if you’re willing to pay more for the convenience. If you are then the close proximity to the beach is certainly worthwhile. That said, it really depends on your particular situation.


One man plus of this type of accommodation is you’ll get more amenities than a basic hotel. So if you’re looking for things like spas, gyms, and fine-dining then this is a better option than a beach-side motel. Take note of the various amenities you’re looking for when staying at a beach-side accommodation on Amelia Island. That step can help you pick the best hotel for your needs based on what you’re looking for.