Beachside Motels Amelia

Are you planning your next vacation? If so then you should definitely consider Amelia Island in Florida’s Nassau County. It’s definitely one of the best vacation spots in North Florida and includes a wide variety of options including golfing, beaches, and festivals.


The Sea Island Worth Seeing

Amelia Island is named after Great Britain’s King George II. It’s been ruled by nearly 10 different countries and has been held by the US since 1862 after the American Civil War. The island includes the Amelia City and Fernandina Beach communities. It also hosts several yearly events including a shrimp, jazz, and film festival. The island is also quite famous for its beaches and golfing.


  Popular Amenities on Amelia Island

When picking a beach-side hotel or motel on Amelia Island one of the biggest issues to take up is the different amenities at accommodations like Beachside Motel - Amelia Island. There are tons to pick from and here some of the main ones:



A major issue to consider when picking a hotel/motel is the distance from the beach. It’s always best if it just takes a few minutes or so to get to the beach. This gives you easy access to surfing, fishing, sunbathing, etc. The term “beach-side” is somewhat self-explanatory but the distance to the beach can still vary somewhat. If you want to avoid long hikes to the beach then consider this issue.



If you own or rent a car while on Amelia Island then it’s a plus when a beach-side hotel offers free parking. This can help you save a lot of money since you won’t to pay for parking each time you return to your accommodation. Those kinds of costs can add up quickly and especially if you’ll be in the North Florida region for several weeks.


Air Conditioner

This might seem like a basic amenity but it’s certainly an important one while in Florida. The average temperature in the summer throughout the state is the low 90s Fahrenheit. Another factor is the humidity can be quite high since the state is surrounded by water. The good news is you can enjoy year-round sunny weather so the amenity of an AC can help to make your stay in Florida as comfy as comfortable regardless of when what time of the year you’re there.



This is definitely one of the best features of the seaside accommodations. There are times when you won’t feel like going off-site to grab a meal or drink. That’s when it’s a plus that your accommodation includes a restaurant or bar. Florida is quite famous for its seafood in particular so you can enjoy a wide variety of fresh fish, crabs, shrimp, and so on. You can also select from a cornucopia of different alcoholic drinks if your hotel/motel has a bar.


These are some of the main factors to look for when picking a beach-side hotel/motel on Amelia Island. You can find everything you need by picking the right accommodation while staying on the island in North Florida.


More Top Amenities at Beachside Motels Amelia

What should you look for in a beach-side hotel or motel? It’s an important question if you’re planning to travel to Amelia Island in North Florida. People have inhabited the region since around the year 1000 when It was known as Napoyca. Since then there’s been several flags flown over the island including Great Britain, Spain, and the United States.


An Island with Great Beaches and Resorts

Amelia Island feature several areas you can stay in. If you’re a fan of beaches there are several beachside motels Amelia you can pick from as well as hotels and resorts. This usually puts you within a few minutes from amazing beaches. The key is to pick the right accommodation for your particular needs.


The Right Accommodation with the Right Amenities

When selecting your seaside accommodation like Beachside Motel - Amelia Island there are several issues to take up including the location and amenities like free parking, restaurants/bars, and air conditioning. Here are some other amenities you can find at the hotels/motels:



When you’re by the beach you’ll likely want to spend most of your day on the beach. However, you might want to relax in your accommodation during the hottest parts of the day or evening. In that case cable TV can be a great amenity to have so you can catch your favorite movies, TV shows, etc. This is basically a standard feature at hotels and motels but is also one you should definitely look when picking a beachside hotel or motel. A DVD player can also be a good option.


Coffee/tea machine

Do you prefer coffee, tea, or both? If you enjoy a cup of java or tea during the day then this is an important amenity to look for. You might want some coffee in the morning with your breakfast or a cup of tea in the afternoon. What’s important is you have easy access to those beverages so you can enjoy a fresh cup during the day or night.



This is one of the biggest features to look for today. It’s especially important if you have work to do on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. You also might want to communicate with your friends/family while on Amelia Island or read the latest national or world news. What’s most important is free Wi-Fi gives you web connectivity whenever you need it. This allows you to stay connected whenever you’re in the hotel or motel.



This feature usually isn’t offered in a basic motel but you can find it in various hotels and resorts. It provides you with the ability to save money on meals compared to dining out. Another plus is its convenient when you’re too tired to travel to a local restaurant. The menu is also basically unlimited since you just have to pick up the ingredients you need for your meals. &Nbsp;This amenity can greatly boost the accommodation’s rates but is worthwhile if you love to cook and want to enjoy a fresh and tasty home-cooked meal.