Beachside Hotels Amelia

Are you planning a trip to North Florida? Amelia Island is a great option if you want to spend your vacation in North Florida. There are also many places to stay there including Seaside Amelia Inn - Amelia Island. If you want to stay near the ocean then you should consider a beachside hotel.


Top Benefits of Beachside


While staying on Amelia Island you might be wondering which type of accommodation you should pick. One of the best options is a seaside accommodation like beachside hotels Amelia. &Nbsp;This can provide you with many key benefits including the following:


  • Air


Whenever you get back to nature one of the main benefits you can enjoy is fresh air. That’s true whether you’re in in your garden or in the mountains. These are great places where you can experience the freshness of the air from trees, flowers, grass, and so on. This can be a welcome break from air pollution that can make it tough to breathe in the city.

Sea air can be a special scent you can enjoy when near the beach like Amelia Island. Many studies show the therapeutic benefits of saltwater due to the healing properties of salt. This includes sea air that also contains large amounts of salt. This can be a refreshing experience and can help to treat various breathing issues you might have.



  • Waves


There’s nothing new that waves are a key part of seas and oceans. However, there are many benefits they can provide during your stay on Amelia Island. There are the most obvious benefits like surfing and swimming. These are some of the many activities you can enjoy when living beside a sea or ocean. These activities can tons of fun and make it worth staying in a beach-side hotel so you’re closer to them.


Another plus of the waves is therapeutic. Studies show that seeing and hearing the waves can have a calming effect on you. In fact, waves are often featured in meditation music and give you the ability to hear the sound of waves breaking as they crash onto the beach.



  • Sand


Here’s another great feature you can enjoy when you’re staying in a beach-side accommodation. You’ll be super close to the shore’s sand and even sand in other regions like dunes, for example. There’s something special about the feel of beach sand under your feet and it can provide many therapeutic benefits like the air and water. Just make sure to wear shoes or flip-flops during the hottest part of the day since the sand can be scorching during that time.



  • Sun


Can’t you enjoy the sun anywhere in the world? It’s true but the sun can be quite bright at the beach. That’s because it reflect off the water and sand in order to boost the intensity of the rays. That’s why people often to love going to the beaches like ones at Amelia Island to sunbathe, play volleyball, go fishing, and even fly kites. It’s definitely one of the best places to catch the sun’s rays. Just make sure to wear your sunscreen!