Amelia Island Vacations

Are you planning to visit North Florida? If so you should consider including Amelia island vacations as an option for your itinerary. The island is part of the Sea Islands located on the US east coast. When visiting the area there are many options in terms of accommodations including beach resorts.


Why Vacation on Amelia Island?

If you’re picking a location for your next vacation there are tons of options in Florida alone. One of the top choices is certainly Amelia Island. The Island has been held by the US since 1862 following the end of the American Civil War. It’s also been under other flags including France, Great Britain, Mexico, and Spain.


This region has become famous for its beaches, resorts, and golfing in particular. This can help to provide you with an excellent vacation whether you you’re a fan of surfing, fishing, or golfing. These are some of the many activities you can do while on Amelia Island whether you’re there for business or vacation. Florida itself has many popular vacation destinations including Miami, Orlando, and Ft. Lauderdale.


There are also many events you can enjoy during your stay on Amelia Island. They include a jazz, blues, and shrimp festival. Make sure t research when these events take place to see if they’ll be happening when you’re in Florida. When combined with the other activities available they can help to make your vacation even better.


Reasons to Stay at a Beside Resort  

While staying on Amelia Resort there are different types of accommodations to pick from. They include various resorts like Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort. Why should you consider this option over others like hotels and motels? Here are some of the main reasons:



This is one of the top benefits of an Amelia Island resort. In fact, many travel experts argue a resort is often a better option than hotels in terms of convenience. That includes perks like dining, recreation, and entertainment. These are amenities that many travelers look for when hunting for a hotel. However, they can also be available at resorts so it’s an excellent option to consider over hotels.



This is one of the main benefits of resorts that resorts tend to have over hotels. There are restaurants available at many hotels but in some situations the number of offerings is low or there’s no restaurant at all. That’s less likely at a resort and while at a Florida resort one of the top perks you can enjoy at the restaurants is fresh seafood. This allows you to try some of the local ingredients and recipes, which can help to provide a better experience.



Beach resorts often have various activities that visitors can enjoy like jet-skiing, snorkeling, ATVs, and others. It’s one of the main perks you can enjoy when staying a resort by an ocean or sea. There are many other options you can find at resorts like golf courses, Segway tours, and nature centers.



This is another feature you can find at hotels but they tend to be more common at resorts. They include options like concerts, dances, etc..