Amelia Island Plantation Resorts

Are you planning a trip to Amelia Island in Northern Florida? It’s one of the best options is Amelia Island. It’s named after the daughter of Great Britain’s rule King George II. The region has become famous for its beaches and golfing, and also hosts several yearly festivals including ones centered on jazz, film, and even shrimp.


Staying at a Plantation Resort

If you’re picking one of the Amelia island vacations available you might be uncertain about which type of accommodation is the best one. There are tons of options including hostels, motels, hotels, and villas. Another popular one is a plantation resort.


What is this type of resort all about? The main difference it’s not a standard resort where people stay for vacations. It’s instead a luxury resort that’s also a “community.” This provides a better option for large groups like families and companies that want their accommodation to include a larger space. In that case a plantation resort is probably a better option.


Picking the Best Plantation Resort

How can you pick the best plantation resort? There are many options while staying on Amelia Island so it might be tough to make the best choice. There are various amenities that are available at resorts like Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort including the following ones:



Dining facilities are a key feature of resorts including plantation resorts. In fact, some plantation resorts actually include several restaurants so you’ll have a wide selection whether you’re eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This is a main benefit over other accommodations like hotels and motels that don’t include any in-house restaurants. When you’re tired or busy you probably won’t want to spend tons of time looking for a restaurant to eat at. When you have several restaurants to pick from you’ll likely find whatever cuisine you want to eat at that time.



If you’re a tennis fan this is one of the various amenities you might want to look for when picking a plantation resort. Tennis a great sport since it provides an excellent general workout for anyone who plays the sport. It’s definitely a great activity if you want a break from recreational activities at the beach like surfing, swimming, and volleyball. Tennis is an excellent option because it provides a great workout for your heart, lungs, muscles, etc. In fact, you can even find plantation resorts that include tennis courts where international events take place.



A planation resort is so large it often includes an on-site hotel. In fact, the hotel sometimes includes hundreds of rooms and tons of amenities. This is certainly a major perk if you’re looking for a plantation resort with the most options available in terms of amenities. It’s a plus when the resort actually includes an accommodation within the community.



You might like staying on the Amelia Island resort so much that you want to make it your home. There are some plantation resorts that also include houses and condominiums. This gives you the option to own properly within the community for functions like a summer vacation home, for example. This is a major investment but is certainly worthwhile if you want to have a permanent place to get away from your day-to-day life sometimes.